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Regulations in Thailand regarding driving licenses for riding hired scooters are:- Thai driving license or International driving license.

Skootz  recommend  that before traveling you should apply for an International driving license, you can get this by logging onto


The cost is $40 + $35 courier postage

Its an easy process, all you do is scan your home country license front & back send this to them and make the appropriate payment, 2 weeks later you get a plastic international driving license valid for 3 years plus a translation booklet in various languages (not Thai) funnily enough the police check points here do not ask for the booklet and are quite happy to see the plastic license.

Some of our customers this season have been stopped at the many check points and if producing their home country license only then the police are imposing a 200 – 400 baht fine.


Getting around

Skootz recommend downloading


This application on your hand held device works with no internet connection, Just log onto the site and download the application and load the Thailand map.


We hope you have a wonderful holiday here in Thailand and if we can assist you with anything please just call (we know how difficult it can be in a foreign country that speak limited English)

Best Rgds




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